Ooops - French cop accidently shoots a Boeing 777 . . .

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Guess it’s better he shot a real bullet by accident, instead of confronting a terrorist, and firing a blank!!!

That’s funny. :laughing:

Also a good thing he shot a window, and not metal.


Wow, even though the damage is minimal, that was a major screwup. What if he had intended to shoot a “terrorist” with a blank, and…

Maybe he likes Airbus better and was expressing his opinion?

Maybe the stewardess was playing with his gun and it just went off.

in the cockpit?!?!!? :unamused:

No… Then he would have an M777 howitzer. :slight_smile:

Probably worked Security for Airbus and forgot to take bullet out of the gun and put it back in his pocket. Le Dumb Arse :laughing:

Ya think it was an Andy Griffith moment, like when Barney’s gun goes off? :laughing: