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OOOI official

Are the FlightAware Firehose OOOI’s official? i have been told they can not be used for official tracking of gate departures, Wheel’s off ground events, Wheel’s on ground events, and gate arrivals.
I find this hard to beleive however. Is there any documentation that says the Firehose OOOI’s can be used for tracking pilot hours and air-frame times off-ground, etc.

There is no single data source that can be universally considered “official”. All FlightAware data is the result of combining multiple sources (ANSPs like FAA/EuroControl/COCESNA/AUFDS/AWNZ/etc, airlines, terrestrial ADS-B/Mode-S, Satellite datalink, ACARS, etc). Sometimes synthetic information is generated based on other observed data, such as an offblock being triggered upon seeing the start of taxiing.