Only 259 more pics to surpass the 60,000 picture landmark

I just wanted to make some kind of statement so that this landmark would not go unnoticed. Maybe the photo postor might be recognized here. I doubt it will be me… but I will make an effort.

down to 182 as of 2336Z UTC.

Hey, Beech! I think there is a million left! :laughing:

59,876 as of 1:58am EST.

I uploaded 22 photos a few minutes ago, but it wan’t enough to push over the edge. Still 124 more to go.

99 left. At 1:06PM Central time.

60,000 photos reached at 1:51pm EST on 12/19/09 with this photo: … ate/page/1


Congrats concord977!!! You posted the one.

Does the tallied number include the number of photos that were removed? If so, we probably have another thousand or so to go to hit that milestone…

Sorry to piss on everyone’s parade :stuck_out_tongue:

You have a point. However, you can look at it a different way. The original poster mentioned 60,000 pictures. He didn’t say anything about 60,000 pictures posted and still on the site.

There is another possibility. Let’s say there have been 1000 photos deleted from the site at various times, and the number has already been adjusted downward for each photo deleted, then we hit the 60,000 mark quite some time ago.

And conversely, if the deleted photos have not been removed from the number, then we have yet to achieve 60,000 remaining on the site.

Here is what I was going by at the moment - and who really knows what the real number is? :slight_smile:

Again, the original poster, the way I read it, said the 60,000th photo was about to be posted. He didn’t say there was going to be 60,000 photos online - just posted.

FWIW, nobody will be surprised who wrote Post # 100,000 on the discussions: damiross!

I didn’t know that!
But that includes deleted postings so when will 100,000 postings actually be? :slight_smile:


AND with Damiross’s negative post count, it would only be 96,400 and something! :wink:

I got your point the first time, so it wasn’t necessary to repeat it.

I do believe you missed my point completely.