On the air


Got a chuckle from this exchange between Napa (wine country) tower and a local flight today:

Twr: Cabernet One (great call sign for Napa), turn 20 degrees left to avoid overflying blasting area.

C-1: What are they blowing up?

Twr: you, if you don’t turn 20 degrees left immediately.

C-1 roger that, don’t want to get my tailfeathers singed.


Obviously not something I personally overheard, but still funny!!

Tower chat:
boreme.com/boreme/funny-2005 … nts-p1.php

F/A announcements:


Seems like I’ve heard these before
Still, worth reading 'em again! :laughing:

My favorite is a note written by an 8-year-old girl on a Qantas flight that was given to the captain. It’s absolutely priceless. WARNING: Do NOT click THIS LINK if you are offended by “adult language”.


I figured those were somewhere on the forum, though they never turned up in the very brief search I did… Yes, i did search…


At the end of a SWA flight to OKC a few years ago, as the plane pulled up to the gate, a flight attendant sang us a little song:

We love you, you love us,
We are faster than the bus.
We hope you’ve enjoyed our hospitality,
Marry one of us and you’ll fly free.


Love it! :laughing:


“United 123, Chicago Center; I have good news and bad news”
“gimme the bad news.”
“I have a re-route for you, advise ready to copy.”
“Ready to copy.”
“You’re re-cleared direct yadda…”
“Copy all that, what’s the good news?”
“I just saved a bunch of money by switching my car insurance to GEICO. Contact Chicago center on 123.45”

Ok, so I just made all that up, but I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use it on the radio for weeks.