Old Miami Tower


Removal of the old Miami Air Traffic Control Tower began today with the removal of the cab.



Are they planning on saving it? Might make a neat addition to an airport cafe or something!


I’ve got dibs on that satellite dish looking thingy (a technical term)!!!


That cab would make a hell of a decoration in the back yard! (Ebay!?)
Dont they sell sat. dish thingys at Sears?


Heard but not verified it will become part of an artificial reef. Took the photo from an open area just below the cab of the new tower.


Looks like a microwave uplink or interrogator, part of the airport’s remote WX/visibility system?


Exactly what I said…THINGY


Pictures from inside the new tower (showing MIA and the insides of the facility) would be very cool.


The silver dish object is a repeater dish that had sent radar data to Tamiami Tower.



I am soooo misunderstood sometimes…


Sorry Pik, you guys often lose me when you start using highly technical lingo!


Very subtle Daniel. :slight_smile:
You’re right though, it WOULD be cool. coughsilverplatecough


It is tough getting pictures in the TRACON due to the darkness, I will work on it. In the mean time check out my pictures of the Miami’s new Air Traffic Control Tower simulator. It is outstanding fun!

The rest:http://www.smugmug.com/gallery/1280290


[voice of a gambler who $30 million jackpot]
Whoever is gonna do that is gonna hit the bag of gold
[/end voice of a gambler who $30 million jackpot]


I need one of those in my gameroom!!! I can see it now…get the ATC Tower sim, then comes losing my job because I would never leave, then comes the divorce!!! BUT I WOULD STILL HAVE MY SIM!!!


Start building one of those in the basement or garage, and I bet the divorce comes before the job loss!


That’s cool! 8)