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Old ipad not showing tracking anymor

I run piaware 5.0 with tar1090 and Timelapse. I can accesos the tracking maps without any problems in all of my devices (computers, phones, iPads, smartvs, etc) without any problems except for an old iPad 3 running ios 9.

It used to display tracking maps until a few months ago, But now it loads the page but not the map or plane data.

It happens on all browsers I have: safari, chrome and dolphin.

Any ideas about fixing it.?

I thing the chrome on there still uses the Safari …
Old Safari is missing features, eventually web pages move on and stop support for browsers that were years behind even when they were current.

Could also be caching issues.

You get the /tar1090/data/receiver.json displayed?
I suppose you can try /tar1090/?nowebgl … see if it works then.

If it’s some functions that the browser can’t handle … i suppose you could try an old interface:
GitHub - wiedehopf/dump1090-retro-html: Old dump1090 webinterface adapted for dump1090-fa


The receiver.json shows one line with my location. shows the same behavior (in the case of tar1090 it freezes on a dimmed screen showing a freezed status bar)

Since this ipad is just one of the many devices I use, I rather not downgrade my tar1090 install.

It will be a different URL, /dump1090 according to the wiki page … i haven’t touched it in ages.

I don’t suppose you can open a dev console on an ipad and check the error? :slight_smile:
But realistically as i said the browser was outdated when it came out and now it’s even more outdated.

Shame that Apple doesn’t allow you to install a more current browser …