Okay. This makes no sense.

Re: flightaware.com/live/flight/DAL7

I have an interest in this flight as our daughter’s family will be using it next week to go to Japan.

This information is at the top of the page under the Delta logo …first seen near LEMOORE, CA left GATE 133 Lemoore, CA - L 35.87 -119.82 FRIDAY 16-JUN-2017…

The track log starts of this way: Fri 11:17:00 Left Gate (Lemoore, CA) @ Friday 11:17:00 PDT Airline
Taxi Time: 30 minutes
Fri 11:47:29 Departure (Lemoore, CA) @ Friday 11:47:29 PDT

The first aircraft position, however, shows take off from LAX. From looking at Google Maps I do not see an airport at Lemoore CA.

How did this misleading information get in there? Although I did consider checking various sites to see if the plane landed there due to a medical emergency or some such thing.

Most of the time I can track planes with no problems, but this was really weird. I’ll watch this the rest of the day and see if it acts normally.



FlightAware does get messed up data sometimes. It happens.

PS: There is a major Naval Air Station at Lemoore.


Okay. It wasn’t obvious to me as I was looking at Google Maps. Usually airports are quite obvious.

Another day. Another screwy flight. At least on screen.

I gotta watch this closely today as a normal approximately 11 hour flight is going to take five hours longer than normal.

A direct flight would be 5,482 miles, this is planned for over 9000 miles.

The flight plan pictured shows the plane entering Russian air space and doubling back towards Alaska, then somewhere before Nome Alaska the plane turns back towards its normal route, and south of where the flight path was several hours earlier. It then proceeds to Haneda Airport.

I read the response about messed up data sometimes, but this is completely weird. In my time of watching planes on Flightaware I have not observed any problems…any messed up data. There were no problems from start to finish.

Hell, I check flightaware nightly to see when the British Airways 747 from Phoenix to Heathrow is ready to take off. I have never seen any problems with the data there. However, I need to take some time to decipher the proposed route to see if the plane is going to go northwest over my house, or if they will turn due south from the airport to deprive me of seeing the Queen of the Skies.

I’m sorry for this new post, but this does not give me any confidence in Delta Airlines and their flight planning abilities.


Hi again,

It’s 7:38 pm MST/PDT 10:38 pm EDT.

Just as I feared according to the Flight Details page for Delta Flight 7 LAX-HND, the plane is indeed following the route I mentioned earlier.

The flightaware Track Log says the plane’s position is flightaware approximate.

As I mentioned earlier 99% of the time I don’t see conditions like this on flight details. However, this Friday our daughter and her family will be heading to Japan and if I see stuff like this …well, you know.

Do I expect perfection? Well, if the information published online comes from actual flight plans … yes, I do.

I’m just amazed at what I am seeing.


P.S. 7:48 pm MST/PDT, 10:48 pm EDT

Well, something happened. After 25 minutes of estimated positions in the wrong direction I see a new entry via FlightAware ADS-B (INN / LOWI). The plane is now heading in the right direction (except for one additional entry 180 degrees in the other direction).

If the ADS information keeps coming through it’ll be okay. I understand how ADS information is impossible over the oceans, but I’ve never seen it so wrong for such a long time.

Still, I remain, confused. :stuck_out_tongue: