OHare runway incursion incident 07/2006


ntsb.gov/Events/2006/MostWan … iption.htm

“This three dimensional animated reconstruction shows the runway incursion incident between an Atlas Air B747 and an United Airlines B737 at the Chicago OHare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois on July 23, 2006. The following incident reconstruction displays information from the flight data recorder, Air Traffic Communication, recorded radar data, and aircraft performance data. This reconstruction does not depict weather or visibility conditions at the time of the incident. This animation contains audio.”

"According to the Chicago Sun-Times, however… a new NTSB report says they missed by only 35 feet."


That’s amazing, if I remember correctly they had 3 runway incurrsions with in a week there last year.

So far this year, five runway incursions have taken place at O’Hare out of approximately 540,000 total flights, the FAA said. Seven such incursions occurred at O’Hare last year.

Wendy Abrams, a spokeswoman for the city’s aviation department, says the incidents are rare, considering the airport handles roughly one million flights a year.

“This is abnormal,” she said.

the quote is from July 26,2006 article, I’m not sure when she said this though.

Runway incursion web site, see just how bad the problem is.

This is something we spificly train for at FSI, in fact we also play a recreation of a Providence RI runway incursion. It comes from this web site, that has another KORD incursion with 2 747’s missing by 80’


That’s scary, thankfully the 737 managed to get up in time. If it had been heavier, or didn’t rotate in time, it could easily have been a lot worse.


Yea, that’s a scary thought.

Here’s another close call that I only recently heard about.
alexisparkinn.com/photogalle … e_call.wmv