It seems that you’ve changed the result pattern for Search, now requiring offsets in groups of 15 (to jack up your revenues, I presume). I’ve tried requesting the offset group using the following command:

$result = $soap->Search($query, 15, 15);

But I get the same result set over and over again. How do I know where there is no more data? Is $result->next_offset unset, or 0, or what?

I was hoping to use this tool to track all the flight at a regional airline whose website I run, but if everything’s going to have to be done in groups of 15, this is going to get expensive awfully quickly. Am I missing something?

Hi. See this announcement about the change in arguments. It was unintentionally released without any limit; you could potentially return >1MB results of every flight, for example.

Are you trying to search for flights inbound or outbound or both? Are there really so many flights that a limit of 15 would cause a lot of “walking” of the results?

Looking into your report of it not handling the offset properly. When there are no more, next_offset should return -1.

This is fixed – thanks!