Offensive aircraft photo!


I love aircraft and I love to see photos on your site but the photo on 10/8/2010, dissing the President, is offensive. Please remove it!

Note: dissing: Act or speak in a disrespectful way toward anyone.


Ted G. Ocala, Florida


Post a link to the picture


I think he means this one: … ate/page/1

…and I just consider the source…


Yea, get rid of it. Heaven forbid we should do anything that offends somebody. I mean, come on now, it’s so offensives it should probably be against the Constitution.

Oh! Wait! The Constitution allows us to show our opinion of the president.

Dissing? I think not.


I think there’s this old piece of paper, maybe the Constitution, that says something along the lines of “freedom of speech(whatever that is).” I think that means we can speak our mind of the idio… I mean commander-in-chief.


It’s aviation related. I see no need to remove it.


+1, J.

Even if it said ‘Stop Palin’ I wouldn’t make a post griping about it. . . :unamused:


Political chicanery does not belong on what is otherwise an excellent aviation site, constitution or not.



  1. trickery or deception by quibbling or sophistry: He resorted to the worst flattery and chicanery to win the job.
  2. a quibble or subterfuge used to trick, deceive, or evade.

I don’t think there is any chicanery in the picture you are complaining about. The message sent is pretty upfront.

Now, per your logic of keeping this an excellent aviation site without “political chicanery,” I think the following pictures should be removed because they are nothing but crass advertising:
Crass advertising number 1
crass advertising number 2

In other words, just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be posted. To confirm what Wil said, if it said “stop pallin” it would still be okay to post the picture.


Political chicanery and the subject photo is relative to the alleged inference that 2nd amendments remedies are OK for STOP HARRY campaign in Nevada. Nobody ever said Stop Breitling and Stop Palin would be OK either. The integrity of this site has shown over the years that thousands of aircraft pictures have not promoted Stop ??? politics. My father was a veteran of USAAC-USAF and would not approved of an aircraft with USAAC markings to diss a siting President during war or any other occasion.


I have to agree with the others that it does not deserve removal. The only thing I see wrong with the photo is that I disagree with the message.

When making a point like yours, you should also consider the flip side of your argument – which is where you’ll be sitting the next time the pendulum swings Republican. What bothered me most during Gulf War 2 was the frequent statement that we shouldn’t criticize our President (G.W. Bush) during time of war. At the time, there was plenty to criticize, both facts and philosophy. But the way I learned the Constitution, it’s un-American to say that disagreeing with any politician ever constitutes borderline treason. You need that freedom. Frankly, if you can’t criticize your government in the normal way even during wartime, what’s the point of being American?

Save your energy for an argument that matters. And it probably won’t be on this site.


I just think it’s funny that someone came up with such a creative way to make a statement…more importanly it’s a nice PT-22.