Off topic but a really good day for me.

This is going to be a wee bit off topic but then on the other hand, it is on topic. For starters, this is the 12th wedding anniversary for my Wife and myself. Next, it is the 4th anniversary of a “fiasco” we had down in the Florida keys four years ago today.

Once you read this little story about what happened, you will see why I did not give up on flying last month and let the arrogant instructor get the best of me. You got live life to it’s fullest guys and I think this group knows this as well as anyone else in the world. … ipling.htm

Whoa that’s heavy…

Who’s Craig Stripling?

Fholbert, That would be me…!

Congrats Craig…on your second chance at life.

How would I have know that?

YOU wouldn’t! It involves putting two and two together - something beyond the reach of your tiny, little brain!