Odd status for SWA1445 on 19 Jan 2015


The graph is showing a reasonable arrival time from MSY to HOU (19:24), but the table to the right displays a time earlier in the day (11:28), and the table below shows a different time, but still earlier in the day still (11:48)

The next leg (HOU --> AUS) it’s showing a reasonable departure time (20:18) but also has the 11:48 arrival time. Clicking on it, it shows 8:52 and 11:48 times and says it arrived 7 hours ago.

Having just been through some timezone coding nightmares at work, this looked familiar, but even if the times were accidentally UTC they don’t line up.


We had a glitch with SWA flights on the 19th, sorry. It resulted in an incorrect arrival time, even showing it for airborne flights. It’s been corrected for a day or two now.