Odd In-Flight announcement

Someone told me that on one trip, when they arrived back here the pilot (AA) said they had to brake hard because the runway is short… :unamused:

At 7600ft its not significantly long but… if the 767/A300 can do it…

I don’t think its common for pilots to say that or any other un-necessary things of that nature?

He should have said “We’re late as usual so we have to turn around really quick to make up lost time”. :unamused:

Well, if you don’t touch down until 1/2 way down the runway, it gets real short, real quick. :wink:

in which case he should’ve gone around since 121 regs say you must touch down with in the TDZ

Out of FAR country here :wink:, still have to abide by 121?

where is “here”?

I think he fly’s out of a desert back east somewhere