Obama to Rhode Island

Obama and Air Force One landed in Providence today:

projo.com/news/content/obama … 571a5.html

This is probably one of the only times KPVD has seen a 747 on its tarmac. 8) Sadly I was too busy at work to try and catch a glimpse.

The article says he’ll be there MONDAY, so you haven’t msised him yet. He’s in Vegas now (came from LA) and heads to Minneapolis next.

Oh, heh, my bad… I thought the article said “IN a few hours.” I was wondering why he would arrive on Friday for a visit for Monday and figured he had some other agendas in the region or something.

Another way to track the Pres is to look up the TFR.


The TFR goes into effect at 3:15PM local time so look for landing about 3:45-4:00PM.

Airforce One was one Minniapolis center today at the same time as me.
He was actually on routing and got cleared to a VOR down the road, not all the way down the road, nor direct to the airport.
I was quite surprised.