OAK Terminal Security Breach Delays SWA ops for 84 minutes

Some of the biggest delays were

SWA1409 wheels-up 149 minutes after sch dpt
SWA1864 wheels-up 112 minutes after sch dpt
SWA149 wheels-up 110 minutes after sch dpt
SWA2044 wheels-up 111 minutes after sch dpt

How do we tell our nation’s airports to better secure the “Do Not Enter”
area that are beside our nation’s screening areas?

No SWA plane departed OAK between 12:28 and 1:52 PM PST Jan 5th, 2007.

What’s so stupid about this is the typical over-reaction of the terminally stupid assholes (TSA). One person (who should be shot when found) enters the “secured” area. The airport is evacuated. The airlines lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. People miss flights. The government doesn’t have to pay a single cent for their stupidity.