NY Giants Playoff Charter


Recent trips to Tampa and Dallas. Weather in Green Bay this weekend will be interesting.



This should go in the “Sports charters” thread.

Go PACKERS! (I’m a bitter Redskins fan)


I will move it.

Bitter? I’m a Cowboy fan! We are still stinging. Go Pack Go… I guess.


Now I’m REALLY BITTER!!! :angry:
Go Patriots!


I am a bitter Steelers and Redskins fan. Then I became a bitter Packers and Chargers fan. Nothing will ever make me bitter enough to route for the Pats though!

Go Giants…wipee :unamused:


Here’s a picture of the Giants 767 in front of us. The quality is pretty bad, but I took it from the cockpit at night after the game with a Palm Treo. I was gonna take a walk outside, but it was like -4F outside.

You can see the lights from the players’ buses in front of the left wing. The team actually beat our passengers back to the airport.

The real bright lights are the police escort.