NWA980 Returns to SEA After Bomb Threat...

Flight Returns to SeaTac Airport After Someone Claims Bomb on Board

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Northwest Airlines flight bound for Memphis was forced to return to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Wednesday because of a bomb threat, though authorities did not believe the bomb was on board the plane, an airport spokeswoman said.

Airport police were questioning a man who told a gate agent there was a bomb on Northwest Flight 980 shortly after the plane left Seattle around 12:33 p.m., airport spokeswoman Terri-Ann Betancourt said.

“After interviewing him, they said they do not believe it was a credible bomb threat,” Betancourt said.

The man was never on the plane and had no luggage on the aircraft, Betancourt said.

The plane returned to the airport around 1:15 or 1:20 p.m., Betancourt said, and police were interviewing the pilots, trying to determine how extensive a security sweep they needed to make before allowing the plane to fly to Memphis.

A spokesman for Northwest Airlines said he could not immediately confirm how many passengers and crew were on board the plane.


This Flight

A man who had missed his flight made a bomb threat that forced a Memphis-bound plane to return to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

What an absolute #ing moron! I hope this guy gets five years!

[quote=“an absolute #ing moron”]DUH… I gotta get on that plane… how can I get it to turn around and come back for me? I GOT it! I’ll tell 'em there’s a bomb on the plane! Yeah, ain’t I a really clever one!?!

I didn’t hear about this until Saturday b/c I was hiking on Mt Rainier.

I heard Kou Wei Chiu, a doctor, called in a bomb threat. Nothing happened so he called in another one. Again the plane wasn’t delayed so he proceeded to call in a third threat. The person at the pay phone booth overhead him call the third one in and reported him.

This cost NW about $70,000.