NWA Cargo

Just wandering what every bodies thoughts were on the NWA Cargo deal with DHL dropping them as a contractor…

Do you have a link to an article on this? I didn’t even know they had a contract with DHL, much less the contract being dropped.

No, I don’t got an article. It was on the local news about a month ago saying that come the 1st of the year DHL will no longer use NWA as a contractor to haul their packages.

here you go: startribune.com/business/12136526.html

commercialappeal.com/news/20 … -problems/

Thanks, caflier.

Once again, the media got it wrong. Not about DHL’s contract but that NW is the only US Carrier with dedicated cargo aircraft. FedEx, UPS, Ameriflight, and many other companies are going to be surprised at that.

As far as my opinion on the breakup: I think NWA should try for other customers. The Pacific Rim has major cargo possibilities.

What the author meant to say, in MHO, was that it was the only passenger airline that still had freight operations with dedicated aircraft.

Anyway, that’s how I understood it, and I think that when any exec at FedEx or UPS reads that article, he/she will be more concerned about the changing environment in the courier industry than some benign misuse of terms by a reporter.

I agree, that was my interpretation as well.

Unfortunately, while I knew what the reported meant, that’s not what was said. It seems to me that unless an airline carries people, to the media and a lot of the public including, unfortunately, many airline enthusiasts (based on my readings of postings in Yahoo groups) it’s not an airline.

The media 99% of the time has no idea what it’s talking about when it comes to cargo, airlines, or anything like that.

Why do you think that all we hear about is the inspection of export air freight, but inspection of import ocean containers? What about import air cargo?

The media has no clue, they just like soundbites that make people watch TV.