NWA B742 at FLL

Anyone know why there is a NWA B742 at FLL? Its sitting by the terminal, on the remote pads by the firestation. I did some searching, and saw that it came in from MCO Sunday night as NWA9830, but I can’t find any outbound info on it. I was thinking it was going to be the Dolphins ride to London, but they are not leaving until Thursday night.

The ‘9000’ flight number indicates a maintenance / repositioning flight.

Maybe look for a NWA flight leaving with another flight number, maybe a Dolphin’s charter.

edit for spelling " D’oh!"

It is a charter to take the Miami Dolphins to London, UK.

OK, I heard they are leaving Thursday, is that accurate? Seems like a long time to have a plane sit, but I guess they aren’t using the B742’s for much of anything

The plane is leaving FLL on Thursday. From Airliners.net:
“the aircraft is due to leave FLL on the 25th to LGW on flight NW9970 arriving LGW at 0700 then returning back on the 30th to FLL as NW9971 leaving LGW at 1600”

Cool, thanks, hopefully it will be light when it departs so I can get some pics.

…or charter flight.

Here ya go, the light was horrible

Also an Omni DC-10 going to London as well, here it is on arrival

I saw the NW 742 come in over house and saw it wednesday moring on my flight to CLT