Number of requests and responses not clear


Regarding the SILVER plan. It is not clear to me.

It says: “20,000 requests and responses at 60 queries per minute”

What is that mean exactly?, 20,000 between request and response?, so 10,000 each?..

For example: if I want to make a dashboard that displays flights and it periodically refreshes (new request every 10 seconds), during the whole day, everyday of a month. Would that plan be enough?.

Thanks in advance.


For the month you receive 20,000 queries and responses total. At a maximum, you can make 1 query per second, or 60 queries per minute.


I likely added additional confusion or did not actually answer your question. Lets call it simply queries. 20,000 queries over the course of the period. For the Silver plan you are able to receive up to 150 responses per query, however, each 15 responses counts as a query. Therefore if you allow your query to return 150 responses, you would actually use 10 queries.

For your example, lets say there is 10 responses for each query every 10 seconds, you would use ~260,000 queries, over 10x the allotted amount for the Silver plan. 2592000 seconds in a month/10 (1 query every 10 seconds) = 259,200.

If there were 100 responses for each query every 10 seconds, you would use about 1.8 million queries. (2592000 seconds in a month/10 (1 query every 10 seconds))*7 (100 responses/15 (responses per each query) rounded up = 1,820,000.

It would depend on how many responses you are expecting for each query.

For Silver to work and for less than 15 responses per query, you would need to query just over every 2 minutes.