Number of plane decline after few hours

Hi everyone,
I have a strange problem with my installation.
The number of plane I can see seems to decrease with the time.
Disconnecting and reconnecting the antenna make the reception normal again.
Do any of you know what is this problem?
Here is the graph for my installation. The big change which happened Tuesday is when I disconnect and reconnect my antenna.

Thanks for your time

If this is a completely stupid point then feel free to shoot me down…

Most flight locations have a reduced number of flights overnight, it looks like yours has a daily cycle of high then low, it’s not due to overnight being quieter is it?

Seems antenna connector is bad, or there is a loose connection.

Thanks for your answers.
The big jump is the moment when I disconnect and reconnect the antenna.

If it’s a loose connection I should be able to test it by just touching the connector? The number of plane should change right?

My connector is fixed to a metal cylinder screw on a metal roof. Can it be the source of the problem? On the picture you can see my antenna. I put a rubber piece this morning to try my theory. :wink:

Again thank you for your time.

The graph shows that once you disconnected and then reconnected the antenna on Tuesday, your plane count jumped up, and did NOT decline again after it, at least for next two days visible on the graph (Wednessday & Thursday). So what is your complaint/problem now?

I will look after the chart to see if it happened again. But it’s not the first time it happened so I was wondering if it could be a known problem.