NTSB reports low fuel as cause of most small plane crashes

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Aviation officials with the National Transportation Safety Board say the simplest way to prevent a small plane crash is fill up the gas tank.

The NTSB says running out of fuel has been a cause or factor in 238 small plane crashes in the past five years, including a crash in Northeastern Iowa that killed three men from south central Wisconsin.

Between 2004 and 2008, there were 8,016 crashes by civilian planes, according to the NTSB. That category excludes commercial flights and military aviation.

75 percent of those crashes were blamed on pilot errors that killed 2,640 people on board.

While the NTSB reports flying in bad weather is a common error, the director says running on gas is “way at the top.”

Landing is the cause of most GA accidents.

Pilots can’t pull their billfold out of their pocket far enough to fill up the tank, because of high fuel costs…

Are those numbers correct? 238 out of 8,016 crashes?? That’s only about three percent? :confused:

I’m thinkin’ they left out a digit - maybe 2,380 out of 8,016 to make it 29 percent.

Mainly because more pilots land with empty tanks than take off on empty :wink:

Also involuntary landings or less then graceful landings are the RESULT of something else happening, not the cause of an accident since landings are mandatory. :astonished:

I beg to differ… :wink:

Refueling probe optional in Beechcraft only… 8)

One big ole relief tube :stuck_out_tongue:

Wonder how much parasitic drag that detracts from performance :smiley:

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So a GA pilot asks for a KC-135 or -10 to come up and give him a drink??? I don’t think so…

You’re right. They use a C130.

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