Now what?



That’s why I advocate learning on a conventional panel and perfecting partial panel skills. So when you lose everything you’re still in control. So, when this happens IMC just whip out the handheld and get vectors for a radar approach.

However, I took a lot of heat arguing this point…

BTW, is that pic photoshoped? It looks like the ‘blue screen of death’ from Windows OS.


On second thought, like most computer problems it can probably be fixed with a reboot. Just “shutdown” the plane (pitch for Vglide) and “restart” it. That would probably be your best option. :wink:


OR just pull the CB, might be a little safer



Yea, but you don’t get the added adrenaline rush of having no engine in solid IMC.


Thanks, but I’ve already had my share of both MIs and scrap sales, I’ll pass. :wink:


I’ll take safe and boring, I’ve done scary.