Notifications for Interesting A/C Types at a Given Airport


I’d like to receive notifications when out-of-the-ordinary aircraft types are enroute to my home airport.

This morning, I learned that several widebodies visited my home airport for a very large sports charter…two days ago. I really would have liked to have been alerted to the presence of 747s and 777s at my small local airport.

So here’s what I’d like to be able to do:

  • Select an airport (or airports) for enroute aircraft notifications
  • Scroll through a list of all aircraft types and DEselect the types I’m not interested in
  • When I receive a notification that (for example) “A Cessna Citation 650 is enroute to your airport”, I would like to be able to “ignore this type from now on” with one click.
  • After spending a bit of time ignoring several aircraft types, I would then be receiving notifications whenever anything I consider interesting has filed a flight plan to my local airport.