Not showing flights tracked by either if my feeders

Hi… Just started playing with this about a month ago. Both my rpi2 and Android feeder were showing flights tracked by both feeders. The Android I turned on today. Had been off for awhile. Then after about two hours they both stoped showing flights being fed by my feeders does show others being recently tracked the 2nd output on web the 3rd shows other feeders near by. I did the elevation numbers on both feeders today.

The rpi2 does show the log which is in e 500-700 messages being fed and the mlat… And both show my planes being seen on local map.

Any thoughts

Both of your sites appear to be live at the moment.

They are live. However did shut the Android oneoff. Everything seems OK but still see the list of flights from my feeder. I see the next list if flights but those aren’t from mine. Not sure what happened.

The additional flights thing shows data fed by your receiver that was not used for the “official” track log of the flight because FA chose to use data from another source at that particular time. This happens a lot if you are covering an area that has many receivers. It is normal.