Not impressed with new design and format

I don’t care for the new format! Why change something that was working just fine. Now the IFR and VFR map profiles are no longer there. Seems that FlightAware would have asked for input from corporate users.

The IFR and VFR layers are still available for all users for the same flights they were available for before (US).

I guess I must be blind because I don’t see that option anymore. I have looked all over the menus including the expansion icons Ect.

I see it when I click to change the baselayer from the pullout menu:

If you’re not seeing it can you share your info?

So now I have to turn the IPad in a landscape view to have any utility? Personally that should be noted somewhere. Turning into more of a nuisance if anything. :unamused:

I am not liking the new format either :frowning:

The iPad in portrait was previously zooming out the page because it was too wide for the device. Now the iPad in portrait gets the redesigned mobile page.

iPad in landscape is wide enough to get the full desktop experience.

Howz about FL as a choice under the aviation tab?

Where is the call sign for the airline? (i.e. Speedbird for BAW)

It’s under “Airline Information” along the right side of the page:

Thank you!!

Are departure and arrival gates missing? I see where they’re supposed to be, just don’t see that information displayed.


As a flight dispatcher, I find this awkward that altitudes in the flight labels on the map are shown the full 4-5 digits rather than the 3 digit FL### format. At least make it an aviation setting for those that know what’s going on.

We found it was too hard to tell the difference between the flight level and groundspeed numbers without a lot of thinking, even for staff familiar with the display. Displaying the altitude in feet is fewer characters than adding units to either or both.

I know that for the common mortal, having the altitude displayed in full is very entertaining. For those of us who are “in the business” however, and I am sure we are plenty, I’m sure this 4 or 5 digit format is very annoying. Could we at least have the option of selecting what we want in the tabs? Just sayin’.

I really dislike the new design. Why not give the option of letting users pick which format they want? I know Flightaware isn’t a forum, but there are a few forums I frequent that after a change, they still offer the older format as well, and users can change back and forth between the two. Yahoo Mail offers that as well.

It’s like where I work where (after new people came in), after things ran fine for decades, things were changed just to for sake of change.

Beyond display format, this decision was made because we will soon be offering altitudes more granular than hundreds of feet, so the three digit format no longer is sufficient. I think that you will find the 4/5 digit format more useful when you see tens of feet displayed.

In the old format you could hover over a link and see additional information - for instance the name of an airport id if you didn’t know it, registration info, etc. This was a very useful feature that is missing in the new format. Would be great if you could add that functionality to the new format…

Good catch, I’ll look into this.

Is anyone else confused by the new graphic plane icons? Some of the Heavy wide-bodies have smaller graphical icons than the 737s and E170s whereas they used to be thicker and bigger to separate them from the other traffic. There are some new icons that seem to have no relation to the actual plane model it is depicting.