Not Getting Data FlightInfoEx and LastTrackData

We are using FlightInfoEx method to get the latest flight Schedule and Tracking the current on route and arrived flight data using LastTrackData.

Today we found one case where flight No G8517 was scheduled to leave Mumbai Airport from 6 AM IST and and scheduled to reach to Bangaluru by 7:25 am IST but due to poor visibility at bangaluru flight got diverted to chennai and than it reached to bangaluru.

I kept my eyes on site link … /VABB/VOBL

but the status didn’t change until 10 am IST approx and than it started showing flight is diverted and all info but yet I am not getting any data in FlightInfoEx and LastTrackData API.

How such cases are being handled and how we will get all these info in API? our requirement is to keep posting updated status at our site.

Below are API request … dent=G8517 … dent=G8517

For flights like that one which operate outside of our primary coverage areas, we only have a reduced number of data sources for our flight tracking so the results can sometimes be less reliable particularly in unusual flight conditions.

In the case of a flight diversion, FlightInfoEx will return two (or more) row for the same faFlightID value. One row will contain the original origin and destination, and the other will contain the new destination. One of the rows will also have the “diverted” field set to “t” to indicate that it was diverted.

For example, in JSON:

{“faFlightID”:“GOW517-1487138220-airline-0138:0”,“ident”:“GOW517”,“aircrafttype”:“A320”,“filed_ete”:“05:36:00”,“filed_time”:1487138220,“filed_departuretime”:1487118600,“filed_airspeed_kts”:81,“filed_airspeed_mach”:“”,“filed_altitude”:0,“route”:“”,“actualdeparturetime”:1487119680,“estimatedarrivaltime”:1487143453,“actualarrivaltime”:1487119680,“diverted”:“”,“origin”:“VABB”,“destination”:“VOMM”,“originName”:“Chatrapati Shivaji Int’l”,“originCity”:“Mumbai”,“destinationName”:“Chennai Int’l”,“destinationCity”:“Chennai / Madras”},

{“faFlightID”:“GOW517-1487138220-airline-0138:0”,“ident”:“GOW517”,“aircrafttype”:“A320”,“filed_ete”:“05:36:00”,“filed_time”:1487138220,“filed_departuretime”:1487118600,“filed_airspeed_kts”:81,“filed_airspeed_mach”:“”,“filed_altitude”:0,“route”:“”,“actualdeparturetime”:-1,“estimatedarrivaltime”:-1,“actualarrivaltime”:-1,“diverted”:“t”,“origin”:“VABB”,“destination”:“VOBL”,“originName”:“Chatrapati Shivaji Int’l”,“originCity”:“Mumbai”,“destinationName”:“Bengaluru Int’l”,“destinationCity”:“Bangalore, Karnataka”}

I would also recommend you use the ICAO version of that flight in all FlightXML requests (“GOW517” instead of “G8517”), when possible. That will minimize some potential problems of not returning the flight you are actually intending.