Not every airport is in America


Jet2 flight from Manchester (UK) to Prague (Czech Republic) heading across the Atlantic for a 90 minute flight to Eastern Europe.

Does a 3 letter code (e.g. PRG) have a default ‘K’ put in front of it?

I appreciate your core business is in the US, but if you are covering parts of the rest of the world it does look better if you get the codes right and there weren’t these anomalies.



Thanks for pointing this out. About 40% of the flights we track are outside the US, so we’re well aware of the non-K/P airports. For the sources that provide 3 letter airport codes we have a couple different lookup mechanisms depending on the source (ANSP vs airline vs BTS) and the wrong one was used on our Jet2 importer. We’ve fixed the importer and corrected the airport codes for the last couple weeks of flights.