Not available any longer airline still on the results


Good afternoon,

We are getting some “wrong” answers from one of your API services, more concrete the “AirlineFlightSchedules” one. We are still getting some flight from the Niki airline, which is out of date.

Doing some research on your web page, I have seen this ( list of airlines, and Niki doesn’t appear on it. Also, if I go to the Niki section ( (using the Search bar on the top), there is a message on it saying “Sorry. No matching flights found; try again later.”

If Niki is not available any longer, why is the service still returning some flights from that airline? Are we not using the proper service?

Thanks in advance for your help

Regards from Spain,


Keep in mind that AirlineFlightSchedules returns scheduled flights provided to us by the airlines on a monthly basis for the upcoming 12 months, which can sometimes be out of date if the airline decides to cancel or add flights with less than a month’s notice.

(If you are looking for up to date flight tracking status for flights within the next ~48 hours, then FlightInfoEx is the function you should be using but you must know the flight ident.)

Wikipedia says “Niki ceased all operations on 14 December 2017”, so that is why you are not seeing any flights for that airline.


Thanks for your response.

So do you mean that once a month the airlines give you their schedules, and those schedules are returned on the service even if during the current month the airline disappears?

Does it mean that in January we won’t get more Niki flights from the service?

Once again, thanks for your time.


We may still receive schedules however, the flight will not actually exist. Depending on how quickly the information is changed and received by us, will determine how long the flights will be in the schedules.