Not Authorized to Download Pages


I get the message “Not Authorized to access this page” when I try to download charts. I can download charts from this site when using another operating system on my computer, but not with this operating system, both systems are Windows XP.

Can you please tell me why this happens and what I can do to download charts from your site from both of my operating systems.


George Wilson


Could possibly be your settings in Internet Explorer. Maybe the settings are too high.

You dual-boot two copies of XP? Or just have different user accounts? I’ll assume you use IE for browsing, and is it just this site you have trouble downloading from?


Thanks for the reply.

I am dual booting two copies of Windows XP.

I also have this same problems with air charts on another web site, I can get them with the orginal copy of XP and not the new one.

I’ll reduce the security setting on the browser and see if that helps.




Hmmm, just curious, why dual boot using the same operating system? I have seen this when wanting to run linux, Vista along with XP and dual boot, but not seen where one would dual boot the same OS?

If concern from neferious websites was a concern, why not a program like Sandboxie (sp?).

Keeping on topic to your question though, have you tried right click, then save link as… rather then opening the pdf files?



Not speaking for the user, but one possible scenario is that some programs don’t play well with others. One program may require a certain setting enabled while another may require the same setting disabled.


Quite unusual circumstance you describe above, and I can buy into it providing it is a very old program, but I have even manage to run 16 bit DOS based programs in XP that normally don’t behave that well by using the advanced options and instructing it to run in seperate memory space under the advance properties under the icon created. This was back in the day when we used those things called 5 1/4 inch black floppy diskettes :smiley:

Current windows based program, I would have troubles visualizing a program that would misbehave that much to require a seperate, but same operating system. It would have to be really an off the beaten path type of program to have the need for totally seperate settings on XP

Only other time I could even remotely see the need for a seperate operating system is running 2003 and 2007 office suite simultaneously (like you said, programs don’t play well with others), but even then, I got mine to run off of two different drives under the same operating system.

It does make a mess of files association in the beginning (and other erratic behaviors between the two programs) as I wanted 2003 for my Word documents and 2007 for the remainder programs (yes Dami, I know you can default 2007 to 2003 format of doc rather then DOCX and make it fully compatible, yada yada yada).

In the long run, gave up 2003 and stuck with 2007 as it was too messy, and I didn’t have that burning need to multiboot.


Ayep! Now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve actually had that problem in XP. We run some pretty crazy apps at work, but they do seem to work pretty well since we upgraded to XP. Still, I suppose some people can run some crazier apps than we do and might require a dual boot solution.


Thank you all for your suggestions. The reason that I am running two copies of XP on same machine is that I have separated all of my aviation related programs from the others in order to get less interference between the two groups. It seems to be working as XP is not crashing in either group anymore.

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Crazy question but do you have a .pdf viewer on both installs? Not entirely related to not authorized, but you could also be signed into the second install as a limited guest and not a full account.


Great thoughts, I’ll check both, hadn’t really thougt about them.