Northwest Paint Scheme

I was doing a little browsing and turned up this picture;

The description on one image said it was an “experimental” paint scheme, and wondered if anybody else knew something more about it.
I am curious, in 1994, was that before or after they implemented the ugly dark grey and red paint scheme?
I think it looks a lot nicer than the old Northwest birds, and it actually looks a lot like the current non-Delta colors aircraft, except for the obvious difference in the non-simplified logo and the serif font. Surprised they never went with it… looks a lot nicer than the others in the background.

I never thought that gray and red go together.

A different one than the bowling shoes in the background you mean?

I always liked that scheme, I think in part because of one of the most awesome logos of all time. The NW compass that points to the NW.

My Dad retired from NW after 31 years. I really missed the old Republic duck logo. He was Republic before the merger…so I was more used to the duck.

I’d also like to add, the hybrid Republic / Southern a/c at IAD where my Dad worked.: … 1476588/M/ … 1167101/M/

Another hybrid I never got to see: … 1171896/M/

Pre Northwest Orient-merger: … 1139634/M/

Hmmmm… KSAN mean you did?

Sorry I can see where I typed that line could be confusing, the first link with the Southern / Republic hybrid is at IAD.

p.s. I choose the SAN pic, because my kids were going nutz and I just wanted to post the thread… :smiling_imp: Summer!! :stuck_out_tongue: 8)

This experimental scheme was done after the “Bowling Shoe” was introduced, which was 1990 or 1991.