North Texas for The Big Game


Should any of the local, North Texas airports need assist in the next month and wish to hire a person as part time or full time, please get in touch with me! I can drive for your facility, support, guard (Texas non-commissioned security officer) escort, make coffee and greet! No limit to the schedule (days, nights, weekends, Holidays). I have been known to grill a mean burger or two in my nearly 60 years, too.

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The Big Game coming to North Texas is just so darned exciting. To see the Squawk of all the expected Private Aircraft traffic just makes me crazy! Anyone coming in with a Commander, Cardinal, suc/blo (inline twin), Starship (!) or other wonderful plane (aren’t they all?), I am there to assist. Just let me know how.

I’ll only be able to watch The Big Game from the TV seats so getting to support the General Aviation community will be a dig deal and make me feel a part of the festivities! A day at the airport or a day at Home Depot is like The Big Game to me, anyway.

Not sure if we are allowed to post email here but should an email be needed I can be reached at erietodallas at sbcglobal dot NET.

Most of our, formally, uncontrolled airports are now controlled so bring plenty of extra fuel, line up and safe landing!

And, yes, this is my first post to the FlightAware Discussions Forum. Thank you, FlightAware, for such a wonderful, fun, informative and dependable service to aviation. I love the weekly send of pictures!

Tim in Dallas


Welcome to FA Tim, hope you can find someone in GA to keep you busy.

What’s “The big Game”?


I was wondering the same, all I could find was the Dallas Safari Club? :confused:

Welcome sir!


I think it has something to do with pretty women jumping up and down and yelling. Oh, and there’s some big burly men behind them playing with bowls.


Super Bowl.


You got it. The Super Bowl is trademarked and heavily guarded. You will always hear, on the TV and Radio, talk of The Big Game. They can only mention the title event if it is directly marketed and approved. It IS a big deal. And since i just typed it, I’ll send my next post from some prison somewhere. Just kidding, Ihope.

Thanks for the responses. Glad to be apart of the FA community.


you can use the words super bowl on this forum - the NFL cannot stifle all use of the word. . . its so annoying that its the 'Big Game" the “Ultimate Game” the “last game” -= advertisers have to come up with so many stupid names for the game to prevent getting a cease and desist from the NFL - no one wants to claim the phrase is in general use like ‘xeroxing’ something . . . .