Nooelec Nano 2 is not worth the money.

I did a small test with my portable ADSB unit.

The nano 2 is absolute not worth the money. MUCH les aircrafts. Les positions.

The test was so obvious that within 5 minutes i throwed the Nano 2 in the trash bin.

So be aware, buy the bigger Nooelec stick. That one works great.

Kind regards, Peter

Thanks for then information and the results of your tests.


Are you sure you didn’t simply have a loose antenna connection?

You may have not given your SDR (Software Defined Radio) enough time to “settle in”.

I would give it a day or so before making a rush to judgement.

No, sorry. I was also disappointed. Really needed the smaller stick…


I gave it a week. Same result.


Sorry to hear that it didn’t work out for you.

For me? I just warn people not buy this device. Its a waste of money.

Buy the bigger nooelec. Really.


I realize you are talking about the nano 2 - but

My system is running the nano2+ and it works good for me.
Probably because of 0.5mm tcxo?

(in case you needed a small sdr)

I have two of these tiny SDRs for use with a dual-band Stratux. Small is good when crammed into a little plane, but I found they get VERY hot. Watching a spectrum waterfall shows that they are very susceptible to temperature swings; cooling the PCB with my thumb for a few seconds causes lots of wandering signals. For my use, smaller trumps best reception. I’ll continue to use the larger ones for the home stations.