Noob Question

Hello everyone.

I have a question…I want to track one of our local aircraft Demo teams… Lima Lima

The problem is…they travel in groups…how do I track this team?

Looked at a few photos from their Web site and managed to find one N-number - track N400LL

If you track one, you track 'em all, right? :smiley:

Only one aircraft in a formation flight has to file and communicate with ATC. They would use “NXXXXX flight of (number of aircraft)”. In the military it’s usually the noob of the flight element that deals with ATC and relays instructions over interphone…

A flight of planes is one aircraft as far as ATC is concerned. You can’t track the other planes because only lead has their transponder on.

You need to know the Callsign or N-Number of the ship that’s on file in order to track them.