NOAA Orion based(?) PDX


Been doing a lot of PDX-PDX patrols recently. Anyone know what it’s looking for ?


Looking at it’s history, the aircraft may be based in MCF (MacDill AFB, FL).

I think it’s funny (but not funny ha-ha) that the aircraft ID translates to Norontair and the aircraft type is the Canadian version of the P3. In actuality, it’s a NOAA P3 aircraft.

A tad of research finds that NOAA 42 is a WP-3D nicknamed Kermit and based in MCF. It’s registration is N42RF.

Some links for this aircraft: … 819I1.html


The Canadian version of the P3 is called the Aurora; everywhere else it’s the Orion or more usually just P3.

EDIT: OK, belay that comment. It got changed while I was posting. :confused:


Ocean Winds looks a good bet, as it states “The winter of 08 will see one of the P3s heading north again, to Alaska or perhaps to Norway, to continue this effort.”


There’s about 25 different names for the aircraft code P3 so the code just picked the first one alphabetically. I changed it to something more generic and representative of the fleet.


You might want to update “Norontair” too while you’re at it. They ceased operation in 1996.


It’s working from PDX right now.