No tracking info


N248SL isn’t showing any tracking information? … /KHIO/KHPN


map 9 if that helps…(for FA gurus)




Long time ago (aka, don’t feel like searching), FA gurus asked us to put the map server number on stuff like this.

No biggy…


Ah ha…I get it, thanks


seems to work for me.


Seems to be there now. It wasn’t while it was enroute.


What he said…or she just in case


“He” would be correct, it’s Jon (although often mistaken for Jan when written). It’s a cruel trick played on me by my parents. My middle initial is “H” so if I write “Jon H” people think I can’t spell my own name!


Had the same issue with a couple of my FIL flights from Manassas to Tulsa lately. I am trying to dig up the message mduell sent me as to why it does this. The “timer” works, the “mileage count” works, but no tracks on the map, then, after he lands, it is there.

Give me a few and I will see if I can find it.


It’s an issue when there is a large time gap between the departure and the first position message. In this case, the gap was over an hour.


:confused: …so how does that happen?..


Local radar outages? ATC not hitting the right button? Aliens? :slight_smile:


Aahhh…So dami works for the FAA… :stuck_out_tongue:


Bad transponder?


Possible, but unlikely given how often it happens.


A bad transponder wouldn’t explain no tracking during the flight versus tracking and mapping being available upon termination of the flight would it?


No, we know that is caused by our system.

The speculation was why there was such a gap between the departure and the first position.