No Track

There was no track on this flight from BTV-ORD. Why??? … /KBTV/KORD


Actually, I think United has been testing a cloaking device.

It may have gone into Canada, and that makes all sorts of funny things happen.

aw, i thought that they made a super runway that stretched the whole way.

Those crazy Canadians!!

We never did find out who won the roman candle war…

The OBVIOUS answer is that on a beautiful day like today, the UAL captain elected to fly VFR, so that only takeoff and landing messages were generated.

(Hell, I don’t really know.)

you cant fly vfr above FL180, and it was at FL340, therefore it cant be IFR

Welcome to the forums Jungevo. Tobyz is well aware of that, I’m sure. he was “obviously” joking, by the way that he capitalized “OBVIOUSLY”.
I guess he felt that a :wink: was unnecessary, but I guess you proved him wrong.

Welcome to the Forum and you might want to read your message again!

One more thing, there is a small technicality there too. There are times where one CAN in fact fly above FL180 without being IFR. Just ask glider pilots in western mountain states. They can get a wave window and a block of altitudes can can ride mountain waves to incredible heights, all VFR, with no engine. is just an example I found, but numerous soaring sites have similar agreements.

One thing I learned here, as well as other forums. Be EXTREMELY careful about your wording. I’ve learned to omit words like “always” and “never” from my forum vocabulary, someone will always find something to prove me wrong! But it’s usually all in good fun. When was the last time you saw a bunch of pilots sitting around who werent either:
A. Getting drunk and hangar flying
B. Arguing about some obscure FAR
It’s what we do best.