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No Such ADS-B Site help!

I installed the piware in my rpi with dump1090-mulity, but it was displayed on the stats page (No Such ADS-B Site)

If by “stats page” you mean on flightaware.com, just wait a little bit. (A little less than half hour was my experience.) I fell into the same panic trap because the instructions say to go and “claim” the site, whereas the first site seems to get claimed automatically when you click on that link.


Check step number 6.

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What’s that? Do you mean dump-1090 mutability?

This is an outdated version. The original one is named dump1090-fa

Outdated, but still works OK for feeding variius sites.

It is other way round. The original one is dump1090-mutability, and dump1090-fa was forked from it.

The dump1090-mutability is no more being maintained by its author, while dump1090-fa is regularly updated.

The dump1090-mutability is available in Debian Buster repositories and can be easily installed by following command:


sudo apt install dump1090-mutability


The map however instead of showing ver 1.15~dev shows EB_VER (actually DEB_VER but with D missing due to coding defect)


At the end it doesn’t matter as it’s the current version.