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No stats with new PiAware after 30minutes.


I see
"Linked PiAware Receivers (eunger9)
Great news! Your account is associated with the following PiAware receivers and you can view your statistics here" and then it links to flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/eunger9 but that page has no stats! It says “No Active FlightAware ADS-B Sites For This User (eunger9)”

What has gone wrong?

I’ve seen the other discussion regarding issues with interruption in the stats. Is my issue related? I’ll wait a few hours to the stats, and see where we’re at.


We see your receiver online, but there are no aircraft being sent by it. Check your USB-SDR connection and its antenna connection. Try restarting it by unplugging and plugging the power too.


Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve restarted the service, the raspberry pi, and the antenna … no luck yet.
If it helps, I have the NooElec NESDR Mini USB RTL-SDR & ADS-B Receiver Set plugged in.

No data on statistics page yet.


Log into the Pi (ssh or local keyboard) and look at the contents of the /tmp/piaware.out file for errors.

Thanks. It says “LOGIN FAILED, reason, account does not exist”. Please correct this using “piaware-config”… how do I access this on command line?


I’ve now reset the password and added username. Everything seems to be working and the stats page has finally loaded with data :smiley:

I just see this error now:

Anomaly report for piaware feeder with a mac address of b8:27:eb:e1:14:4f:
I don’t think this copy of PiAware has ever checked in successfully.

Is this important to fix, and what does it mean?

Thank you!!

That message will probably go away eventually now that you’re sending data (aka checking in).