No registrations showing in modesdeco2


I have got my flightaware prostick running with modesdeco2 everything is running fine except that there are no registration being shown.
Is there anyone who knows how to rectify this I would be most gratefull


I have used modeSDeco2 for trial some times ago then removed it.
Today to replicate your problem, I downloaded modeSDeco2 and run it again on my Windows 8.1, and found it is not showing registration numbers.
I Googled and found solution. To keep everything in one thread, I have posted it here:


I have tried every combination of adding that information you sent me and it keeps on saying error and then the program closes


Can you give more details of error? The console not only say “ERROR”, but also describes the error. To create a demo for you, in my bat file, I removed one dash from option --db and made it -db , which is incorrect. The output clearly indicated it. Please see screenshot below:

bat file syntax error


Thank you for all your assistance but I have decided to stay with Virtual
Radar Server I am getting much better results with it


Good that you tried many options and found the option which suits you best (VRS).

Unlike modeSDecoder, VRS does not have a built-in receiver-decoder. Which decoder do you use with VRS, dump1090 or RTL1090 or something else?


I am using dump 1090


You mean “” which is part of “” downloaded from Github/dump1090 (Macolm Robson)?
If yes, then what do you see when you type “localhost:8080” in your browser’s address bar? I get a blank map page.



No I do not do it that way use 1090 beta3 and when connected boot VRS and
bingo get aircraft on the map


Thanks for clarification.

Since you have earlier said “dump1090”, I thought you are using dump1090-win downloaded from Github/dump1090 (Malcom Robson).

It is now clear that you are using RTL1090 beta3, and not dump1090-win from Github /MalcomRobson.

You did a right thing to install VRS and feed it from RTL1090, both running on same Windows computer. The map display on “RTL1090 beta3” is not as good as on dump1090 or VRS. Both the VRS and RTL1090 run natively and smoothly on Windows.