No Movies for US Air Domestic Flights

In a cost saving measure US Air has announced that they will remove the 500 lb system in order to save money on fuel costs. International flights and those to Hawaii will not be affected.

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This is getting silly now, 500 lbs? Whats next, quick mount seats that can be removed and added at the gate to save weight. Hey, thats not bad.


Not bad at all! Haha, they’ll probably start doing that sooner than later :stuck_out_tongue:

Based on an average weight of about 180 to 200 pounds per passenger, 500 pounds as abou 2.5 passengers.

That extra 500 pounds is carried arround whether it’s used or not so why not just take it out.

A lot of people are using their own entertainment devices (iPods, etc.) today. Also, in my oh-so-very-humble-as-usual opinion, a lot of the movies being made today rank near the bottom of the heap.

People may complain about them removing movies/IFE, but these are the same people who say the IFE sucks. Plus, there are lots of Ipods, and laptops out there…


Bring your own!

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome aboard. Please click here for today’s inflight movie. Sit back, relax and enjoy your flight.

many US airlines don’t have domestic IFE anyway. I was somewhat surprised that US did.

All of the legacy carriers (with the exception of US Airways now) have IFE (Inflight entertainment).

JetBlue has it

Airtrans has it

Southwest does (kinda, sorta - their flight attendants can be amusing at times)

AS has the DIGI-player…pretty cool little unit. Last I knew they were free to First class, $10 to Econ.

Flew Continental and AA over the 4th of July weekend. Both legs to and from Houston/Dallas had IFE.

Because of that, I am going to say that if you have kids, “Nim’s Island” is good.

However, for the rest of us, “Be Kind, Rewind” pretty much sucked. Glad I had “Robin Williams Live on Broadway” and my own DVD player to keep me company while the wife/kid slept.

Northwest does not have domestic IFE

Northwest offers movies between Hawaii and the mainland but if Northwest doesn’t offer domestic IFE then Hawaii must no longer be part of the United States.

Seats can be picked up at the gate for the passenger to bring on board.
If you need assistance carrying the seat…$25 extra
Assistance installing the seat…$15.
Tool rental for seat installation if you do it yourself…$10.
(the above fees will repeat upon arrival at your destination for seat removal)
Check-in fee for your toolbox if you bring your own tools…$25.
Attempting to avoid these fees by sitting on the floor… $100. This fee would cover the costs to install seat belts on the floor, renting a life jacket because you no longer have a floatation device under you, and the check-in fee for the passenger behind you who has to check an extra bag that would normally be under your seat.

Did I miss anything? :smiling_imp:

too funny…but so true :unamused:

LOL Funny list.

Disinfectant Spray! :stuck_out_tongue:

Safety glasses rental (required) $10

If you get hurt druing the install we charge $50 to call the EMT’s or $25 to break open the first aid kit :laughing:

Well, if you consider AirTran to have IFE (XM Radio at every seat), then you can go ahead and classify US in that group too. On most of their planes they have this ancient keypad at each seat that requires a double-pronged (well, a single pronged will work) to listen to 10 channels of audio. Actually isn’t so bad (when there isn’t anything else to do).

Do the headphones use electrical wires or air tubes?