No flightpath produced outside LA Basin


Trying to recover data from this flight:

Flight following was requested… and I don’t know if it makes a difference that the aircraft is equipped with only a mode-c transponder. We were able to produce flightaware tracking maps from the previous leg with flight following.


I will put in a ticket to see if we can made the positions visible. Im not sure what caused us to not assume a destination for the flight.


Thanks for looking into this. This aircraft is equipped with a Mode-C transponder. Could that cause the problem? I imagine if flightaware needs to cross check with ADS-B or MLAT it could cause a problem in the recording. Curious to know how this works.


Doesn’t appear to be any MLAT positions. Looks like it was all radar from the FAA. Im assuming you picked up flight following.


Note that a Mode C transponder won’t generate mlat positions - we need Mode S for that.


Yes we picked up flight following.


Unfortunately we will not be able to have the track appear on the site, but the issue is being tracked to hopefully prevent a situation similar to this. Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention.


Thanks for your response. Out of curiosity, what caused the problem?


There could have been a few things that caused it. My UsWAG is we dont have a destination (or assumed destination) for the flight, so with that missing, it likely would not show on the map.


The destination is provided by ATC if we are using a Mode C transponder?


For flight following, we usually do not receive an origin or destination from ATC anymore. We do not receive any data from your mode c transponder.


Ok-- how are the data collected from N152BS? There are a few flight paths
produced from other flights.


Once we begin to receive positions from the FAA, we infer an origin if the positions are close enough to a nearby airport. If they are not, we simply state the flight departed, “Near (City name)”


That’s interesting. Does FlightAware use the feed from FAA ASDI?


That is one source of data that we use.