No ADSB Program Reporting Message

So I am puzzled. About 10 am it appears my pi with PiAware stopped reporting positions but it remains connected. I rebooted the device and did a hard reset. It came back up but now shows the MLAT red but the other two are green and connected yet nothing is being reported.

When I view the device I get an error type message that the device isn’t transmitting data. This device has been running with no issues or changes for over `140 days. What is going on with it?


depending on which decoder you are using select any of the following commands and post the output here

sudo systemctl status dump1090-fa
sudo systemctl status readsb

One might work, the other not,

This message states that no decoder is running. I assume dump1090 failed to start.

Another command to identify the issues is
journalctl -xe|grep dump1090-fa
(or readsb if this is in use)

Post the output here too

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