NFL 2009 Season

First flight of the season and looks like the Bills have jumped from DL to CO. … /KEWR/KROC … /KROC/KCLE

Titans still on DL

that cant be the bills. they always have a 763 and use delta. btw, why is it 1930 instead of in the 9000 range??

Unlike other major carriers, Continental uses 1900 series flight numbers for charters.

Pretty sure it had to the Bills.

On the 763, yes that is what they used in the past but this is a new year and maybe CO cut them a better deal.

There was a post on another board that said the Jets and Browns will also jump to CO this year but we’ll have to wait and see.

The CO charter numbers are always in the 1900 series and the ferry numbers are often 1930 and 1931.

The other NFL teams they already have are:

1917 - Texans
1918 - Giants
1919 - Buccaneers

The game with the Titans will be over at about 11:00pm tonight so if we see a CO 753 heading to CAK this evening you know it’s for the Bills.