Next-generation FlightAware beta mapping technology

New FlightAware Maps: So Hot – Your Tongue Sizzles When You Lick 'em

FlightAware is proud to announce the first beta release of our next-generation mapping technology. Although admittedly somewhat primitive by comparison to the in-development, fully featured version of FlightAware mapping that will be released in the coming weeks and months, new mapping technology is now available by popular demand that offers:

  • Auto-zoom to route of flight

  • ATC-style display of airport area with all arriving/departing (blue) and transitioning (green) aircraft

  • Pop-up 800x600 zoom for higher resolution analysis

  • Higher-resolution (larger) map views than earlier FlightAware maps

  • NEXRAD weather overlay

The new features are available now on any flight or airport.

The above-listed new features will be modified, improved, and polished as we continue to roll out the latest technology and soon offer our (currently pre-beta) powerful, intuitive, fully functional, next generation mapping technology that offers:

  • Mouse-based, interactive, real-time panning and selective zoom

  • Optional layers (IFR route, VORs, airways, intersections, extended runway centerlines, center boundary, TFRs, major/medium/small cities, AIRMET, SIGMET, etc.)

  • Nationwide filter-based views based on identifier, aircraft type, altitude, origin/destination, length or duration of flight, and more.

  • Ultra-high resolution NEXRAD radar overlay

  • Fit-to-screen map expansion and zoom

  • Cloudless satellite image map background

Of course, it’s all in an easily accessible web interface and it’s all free from FlightAwarethe future of flight tracking and the best source for flight data and analysis.