Next flight wrong

Under “My FlightAware,” for one of the planes I’m tracking, he filed three flight plans. He filed from A to B, B to C, C to A. All three flights are to different airports.

On the first leg, while enroute, “My FlightAware” said his NEXT flight was C to A. That is incorrect. C to A was his last filed flightplan. His next flight should be the B to C flight.

Can this be fixed?

Looks ok to me, is this not correct? PWK-CRG-BLM-PWK?
The scheduled flights are listed chronologically from the flight plan that is on file with the FAA. If the time is wrong, most likely it was either filed incorrectly or DUATS or the FSS screwed it up somewhere along the line.

My Flightaware shows AS THE NEXT FLIGHT:

Fri 01:00PM EDT KBLM Fri 02:51PM EDT KPWK

His next flight is CRG - BLM, then BLM - PWK.

I dunno…The live page has the flights in the correct order.

Yes, I know it does.

I have the plane listed on the panes to watch on “MY FLIGHTAWARE.”

On that page, it lists the last leg as the next flight when it was not the next flight.

Probably the algorithm of “My FlightAware” uses the highest line of the flight activity log, if not yet flown, as the “next” flight. It probably doesn’t check the next flight down for flown/unflown status. Probably that’s a condition that actually is rarely encountered.

Sure, I’ll agree that it’s a programming bug. When will it be fixed? My guess is that it’s not a major priority and probably will remain a bug until the next overhaul of My FlightAware.

More an ‘inconvenience’ than an ‘urgency’.

Btw, I don’t speak for FA staff. I’m merely a ‘customer’ of great free web site.