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Newest PiAware Version for Radarcape

Hi, what is the latest version of piAware for Radarcape? I have 3.6.3


Are you sure you have a Radarcape?
If so, you are on the the wrong site.
As the name suggests, PiAware runs on a Raspberry Pi, while the Radarcape uses a BeagleBone board and is sold by Jetvision.

Your software version number suggests you are running a PiAware receiver, in which case you will always find the latest image on the Build a PiAware ADS-B Receiver page.

Actually, the Radarcapes do run PiAware directly. They use a beaglebone running a Debian variant, which is close enough to a Pi that the same packages work OK.

The latest version of PiAware for the radarcape is the same as the latest version for the Pi - 3.8.0 - though you should probably check with Jetvision as we don’t explicitly test it and I know there are a few different base versions of the Radarcape base OS around, so you’d need to be sure to pick up the version for a distribution that matches what the Radarcape is using.


Thanks - I didn’t know there were that close.
(I’ve got a BB Black, but it’s doing a very different job inside an HP Freq. counter).

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Radarcape ships with its own firmware unrelated to PiAware - yes?

Yes - but look at the “major version 2” page, which is where they switched to debian (from angstrom?) and started supporting native piaware

Upgrading the radarcape to debian is dead easy see the radarcape wiki.

After following the instruction to get piaware onto the radarcape I’m pretty sure i just ‘sudo apt-get update’ & ‘sudo apt-get upgrade’ to update the piaware image now.