newbie question - KMSP flight activity


I am a relatively new plane spotter in the Twin Cities area and I work in a building just south of downtown where I have a great view of the approach to 12 L and 12 R at MSP.

I usually find myself watching arrivals and following along with Flightaware’s KMSP traffic listing while I listen to KMSP tower streaming from the web. (All while I should be underwriting mortgages :wink: )

Anyway…to get to my question, today I watched a NW DC10 and a NW A330 arrive back to back, yet in the “enroute/arrivals” list for MSP, these aircraft were not listed. Does Flightaware not list international arrivals?

Just curious really!

Thanks and hello to everyone!


Are these the flights?

NWA45 A333 Schiphol (EHAM) unknown Tue 14:56 CDT
NWA43 DC10 Gatwick (EGKK) unknown Tue 14:53 CDT

Look in the arrivals section a few minutes after the aircraft arrive.


Thanks! There is no doubt in my mind that those are the ones…

Funny because usually between the arrival listing, the tower stream and the binoculars, I can identify every aircraft coming in.

Thanks again!


Which building is the one you work in??? … id=0917519


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Are you guys able to look at a picture on right now because I can’t enlarge any pictures or even look at the medium size pictures.


I can’t, either. It appears they are having a problem or two with their service.


They just switched servers, so they’re still working out issues.


Ok because I was starting to get mad at my computer because it had problems earlier but now it’s fixed.


Here’s the link if you want to know exactly what is causing the problem.


It’s working again…