New "Welcome to Flight Aware" Banner ad

Is that the FA team there in the picture with the GIV (V)?.

*Alt text says…FlightAware Executives (David McNett, Daniel Baker, Karl Lehenbauer) in front of a Gulfstream 450.
Very nice picture.

It’s not a permanent image, just a transition between the old photo and a new one. That photo was taken August 2006 at KHOU. A FlightAware user was generous enough to lend us their brand new G4 for the shoot. Not visible is the countless line crew and FBO management that were assisting with the aircraft and the folks assisting the shoot.

You look different in that picture. So serious, no giant smile and the photog’s must have combed down your ears. Where does this picture appear?

It’s in a corporate brochure and framed on a wall in the lobby. It’s the only picture of us not smiling. :smiley:

Whooaa! Looks like the Gulfstream has a flat tyre!!

Nice image as are the individual profile shots on the who-we-are page.

So what banner image can we look forward to that encapsulates the site - you ought to run a competition…


I’m for a competition, sounds like fun.

Here here!! (picture your beer mug emoticon here)


how do u get all the different emoticons

Stolen (pimped) from other sites, smiliy url inserted as an image.

The ad caught my eyes immediately. A very sharp photo, and VERY professional. It should not be temporary. 8)


Ha! I just noticed this. Thanks … and… that’s what I’m talkin about!