New version of the hangman game?

Gda_sk Lech Wa__sa (EPGD / GDN)

John in Saudi

Is that a link or something? :question: :question:

no, it’s how the airport name is spelled here on FA. Here is a link that shows it:

anyone come up with the missing letter(s) yet? :slight_smile:

Golly. That is weird. I’ll bet dbaker can give you an answer.

I know what the answer is, just thought they were bored in Houston and were playing hangman with the rest of us. :confused:

The missing letters are Polish – non-printing in US/Brit fonts. They spell it with an accent-N, a crossbar-L, and an E with a hook under it.
You can see it just in the %## ascii codes just in the URL below: … sa_Airport

I know what you are saying but nope, otherwise all the Eastern European airports would have the same problem, example copied and pasted from right here on FA: Sheremetyevo Int’l Airport (Moscow, Russia) [UUEE/SVO]

I don’t know about the data path for these names. Maybe someone at FA cleaned up some but not yet all. Maybe the Russian source thoughtfully transliterated from Cyrillic into US/Brit fonts vs. Czech. It’s all speculation unless FA staff speaks up.

That’s a good possibility.

I’m not involved in this project at FA, but it’s a safe bet that those non-ASCII characters got lost somewhere in our processing.

I’ll solve the puzzle!

PLEASE DO, the poor guy is about to hang.